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Dog Walking Insurance

Your guide to dog walking insurance

According to Statista, an estimated 12.5 million households were reported to own a dog between 2020 and 2021, and following multiple lockdowns, many of these dogs are unaccustomed to being alone.

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Dog Wont walk

Why doesn’t my dog want to go on a walk?

Dog walking is an integral part of your routine as a dog owner. Alongside eating well, mental stimulation and socialisation, a walk is of the upmost importance.

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Dog Digging

How to stop your dog from digging up the garden

Sometimes its just hard to stop your dog from being dog and enjoying themselves digging up holes in your lovely garden, lawn, or vegetable patch. It is quite disheartening to come home to find holes all over the place or disrupting the serene beauty of your garden. There are many reasons that can contribute to your dog’s untiring endeavour to savage your garden but luckily there are simple tips and methods you can use to stop your dog digging up your garden.

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How much do UK dog walkers charge

How much do UK dog walkers charge? [2022 guide]

There was a time when a dog walker was thought to be a luxury service, but those thoughts have become a thing of the past – particularly following the vast increase in dog ownership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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